The 7 Best Wedding Venues on the Palouse

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Anyone who has talked to me or shot with me knows I love Idaho something fierce, and the Palouse especially. I love the way the sun sets over the wheat in august, and how it just looks like a sea of gold in front of you. I don't know if there's a more beautiful place to live. So, I wanted to feature some of my very favorite and maybe lesser known wedding venues on the Palouse in Moscow, Pullman, Lewiston and Colton. Some of these places are a little old school and don't have a great website or social presence, but I promise I've worked with all of them and they're all freaking amazing. All of these venues have had nothing but rave reviews from my brides, and they'll take amazing care of you, your guests, and your other vendors!

All photos were taken from real weddings shot by us at ShutterKey! If you want to hire us to capture your big day at one of these venues (or any venue at all for that matter), then let's chat!

So without further ado, let's get started with... 


Moscow, ID

Check out a full wedding we shot at Meadowinds Here!

Front View of Moscow Idaho Wedding Venue Meadowinds
How can you not immediately fall in love with this view?

There's a small, unassuming road in Northern Idaho. Following this road will eventually lead you to a small break in the seemingly infinite forest. After making your way up the winding brick road parting the trees, you're presented with something most people in a small college town only fantasize about: Beautiful archways flanked on either side by immaculate stone towers, gothic-style balconies placed under stunning black spires, and a gazebo that looks like it was pulled right from Arthurian legend.

No, you didn't accidentally discover a portal to Camelot. You've found Meadowinds.

Meadowinds is a gorgeous, castle-like wedding venue nestled deep in the dense pine forests of Moscow, Idaho. Operating as both a Bed & Breakfast as well as a wedding venue, Meadowinds' goal is to give couples a truly incredible venue to celebrate their devotion as well as a place to sleep off the festivities. It's for this reason that the Meadowinds wedding package is for the entire weekend, not just the day of the wedding.

Courtyard of the Moscow Idaho Wedding Venue Meadowinds
Their courtyard is always to die for, did I mention they have a coordinator to set all this up for you? So you can sit back and relax on your wedding day!

Meadowinds has an incredible outdoor area for those sunny days, but if the weather gods decide to not favor you on that fateful day, fret not: Meadowinds' indoor cathedral is just as beautiful as the outside. Meadowinds also provides you with a dedicated wedding planner to help your big day go as smoothly as possible, which will be a welcome addition to any wedding. As if all this weren't enough, Meadowinds is a licensed Nonprofit organization that donates all proceeds to programs that support people in need and emphasize education, especially in the sciences.

Gazebo of the Moscow Idaho Wedding Venue Meadowinds
It doesn't matter what time of day you get married here, it's always beautiful.

And as if THAT wasn't enough, Meadowinds also boasts some of the best sunsets on the Palouse. So, if you're looking to have your fairytale wedding at a place ripped right from a Brothers Grimm tale and want to help some kids in need in the process, then give Meadowinds a look.

View of the Palouse during sunset from Meadowinds
The sunsets here are always breathtaking
Inside the church at the Moscow Wedding Venue Meadowinds
Even if it rains, their indoor space is just as beautiful

Lindsay Creek Vineyards

Lewiston, ID

Check out a full wedding we shot at Lindsay Creek Here!

View upon entering the Lewiston Idaho Wedding Venue Lindsay Creek Vineyards
This is just the first view when you pull up!

Boasting a venue that can host up to 300 guests, Lindsay Creek Vineyards in Lewiston, Idaho is by far the largest venue on this list. But don't let the sheer size fool you, Lindsay Creek is positively teeming with character and charm. Located in a secluded part of Lewiston and surrounded by gorgeous vineyards and flower-laden rolling hills as far as the eye can see, it's clear why couples are falling over each other to secure a booking at Lindsay Creek.

The outdoor wedding ceremony area at Lewiston Idaho Wedding Venue lindsay creek vineyards
The outdoor area for wedding ceremonies is nothing short of breathtaking.

And in case you were wondering, Lindsay Creek takes their wine seriously. Very seriously. Like, as in one of the owners has a degree in Oenology seriously. And all of Lindsay Creek's wedding packages come with at least one case of their obscenely delicious wine, as well as a bartender to serve it to your soon to be happily inebriated guests!

the flower field next to the lewiston idaho wedding venue lindsay creek vineyards
Yeah, Lindsay Creek just happens to also be surrounded by gorgeous fields of chest-high flowers. No big deal.

Like Meadowinds, Lindsay Creek also provides a wedding coordinator with all their packages. Let me tell you, as someone who is about to hit 150 weddings attended, you need a coordinator. No arguing! You need one.

Lindsay Creek also has some nice features for people who like to get their groove on after partaking in a bit of the ol' vin rouge, such as a sizable indoor area with all the space you and your guests need to set up the dance floor of the century. Lindsay Creek helps facilitate said century-defining dance floor by not having any sort of decibel limit, which is something a surprising number of venues have that many people aren't aware of. So you and your 300 guests can drunkenly scream the lyrics to Don't Stop Believing in perfect unison without incurring a fine of any kind! Yay!

nighttime view of the palouse at lewiston idaho wedding venue lindsay creek vineyards
The views at Lindsay Creek are only enhanced by the night.

Lindsay Creek is the perfect venue for couples that love large celebrations, amazing wine, gorgeous scenery, amazing wine, and also amazing wine.

indoor dancing area at the lewiston idaho wedding venue lindsay creek vineyards
Young, old, in-between, it doesn't matter: When the beat drops in Uptown Funk, you can't help but boogie. It's a fact of science.

Red Barn Farms

Colton, WA

Check out a full wedding we shot at Red Barn Farms Here!

barn shot at palouse wedding venue red barn farms
This view is always stunning right when you pull up to Red Barn Farms!

Red Barn Farms is the essence of what many people think of when they think of the Palouse. Sprawling fields surround a bright red barn, and you're able to see the wheat fields for miles. The fields light up when the sun sets over them, and it's truly a scene that looks like a painting. The main barn is where receptions are held most of the time, but they also have a gorgeous amphitheater and stage where you can perform your ceremony. The girls and guys each have a seperate, charming spaces to get ready in.  The girls will be in the old white farm house that's been renovated, and the guys will be in a smaller red barn off the main one! This is one of the few venues that I think has equally beautiful spaces for the bridal parties to get ready in.

outdoor ceremony area at palouse wedding venue red barn farms
Look at the wheat fields right behind where you can get married! Does it get anymore Palouse than this?
indoor reception area at palouse wedding venue red barn farms
This looks so intimate, you would never believe it fits over 200 people!

This is a perfect venue to show off the beauty and charm of the Palouse to your family. One of the bigger venues on the Palouse, they can accommodate up to 200 guests inside the barn and an additional 150 on the grounds. Since the Palouse boasts a lot of intimate venues and not very many that can accommodate over 100 people, this is great for larger weddings!

a bride and groom in the fields at the palouse wedding venue red barn farms
Happy faces, beautiful setting, what more is there to love?
a group in the fields next to the palouse wedding venue red barn farms
The Palouse looks good every day of the week, every time of day!

The perfect end to any night, an amazing sparkler exit is a must and Red Barn Farms has some of the best space to do that! Nighttime at the barn is equally as beautiful, and you can often seen the moon rise right behind it.

a sparkler exit at the palouse wedding venue red barn farms
Reasons to have a sparkler exit: this picture.

The Seasoned House

Pullman, WA

Front view of the Pullman Washington wedding venue Seasoned House
Seasoned House is overflowing with old-world charm.

Straight out of a Wes Anderson movie, the Seasoned House is an awesome intimate wedding venue or rehearsal dinner space. Built in the early 1900's, it's one of the oldest houses in the area. The decor is eccentric and charming, with amazing wallpaper throughout that makes a beautiful backdrop for portraits! Their commercial kitchen is a caterer's dream, and it's so close to downtown Pullman that you're guests could walk anywhere else from there!

View of the charming wallpaper at the pullman washington wedding venue seasoned house

The Seasoned House is also an LBTQ friendly venue, they pride themselves on being inclusive! The Seasoned House also has an officiant on site, so you won't need to find anyone else to help with your vows!

A bride and groom at the pullman washington wedding venue seasoned house
There's something lovely around every corner
A shot in the rain at the pullman washington wedding venue Seasoned House
The outside is pretty stunning too

The 1912 Center

Moscow, ID

Front view of the moscow idaho wedding venue the 1912 center
There isn't a more beautiful spot for a summer wedding

A favorite wedding venue of mine is the renovated schoolhouse, the 1912 center in the heart of Moscow. As a licensed Nonprofit, they place great emphasis on  supportin the local community! The old school house was purchased in 2007 from the Moscow School District after building a new space for the Moscow High school students to attend. The 1912 center hosts so many other non profit events for the community, and all the proceeds from every event go back to renovating the building. 

indoor reception area at the moscow idaho wedding venue the 1912 center
Tables and linens come with your rental at the 1912 Center!

As easy as it is to get to, and as awesome as their staff is, my favorite part of the 1912 Center has to be the part that hasn't been renovated yet. If you're super lucky and have an amazing photographer who the venue trusts (*points two thumbs at own face*), they'll let you into the upstairs space for some amazing freaking portraits. The last of the light always hits the third floor, where you can look over the whole city and fall in love with Moscow all over again.  This is also a love is love wedding venue, inclusive and LGBTQ friendly. 

abandoned classroom area of the moscow idaho wedding venue the 1912 center
That's right, this is just upstairs at the 1912 Center!
Hallway shot of the moscow idaho wedding venue the 1912 center
Can we talk about that light that pours into this hallway?!

Their outside spaces are a favorite too, there's so much history and charm looking in from the outside! From the epic staircases with the old fashioned streetlights, and the old brick, it's hard not to fall in love with this wedding venue!

Sparkler exit at the moscow idaho wedding venue the 1912 center
Did I mention sparkler exits were the best?

Troy City Park

Troy, ID

full view of the palouse wedding venue troy city park
Would you believe this is a public park? It's crazy beautiful!

Most people have probably never even heard of Troy, Idaho. It's a small little town about 15 minutes from Moscow that has a cute little downtown with an amazing mennonite bakery. One of my very favorite things about Idaho is these small little towns, the people who live here or grew up here have such a deep love for the town and community. I had the joy of shooting a wedding here for the first time in 2017 and it was incredibly lovely. You wouldn't think a city park could have this much wildness and charm, but it takes very little to transform this space into a dreamy outdoor venue. 

bride and groom dancing at the palouse wedding venue troy city park
BYODF, Bring Your Own Dance Floor!

You can make the park whatever you've been dreaming of, and if you're looking for a cost effective Palouse venue, this is it! The park rental fee is nominal, and they also allow you to have a DJ unlike many other Moscow City Parks. Troy City Park also has spaces for RV Campers to park, for family members that want to bring their own lodging, and those that don't want to drive away from the festivities. Deer and turkey have been known to roam around Troy year round, so if you're looking for something that's truly in the element of nature, but close to city amenities, this is a great wedding venue! 

Another wedding set up at the palouse wedding venue troy city park
There's so much space to have a beautiful ceremony set up and a beautiful reception set up!
A bride and groom embrace each other at the palouse wedding venue troy city park
This is just steps away, it still doesn't look like a traditional park at all!

The Ensminger Pavillion

WSU Campus -- Pullman, WA

Indoor area at the Pullman washington wedding venue the ensminger pavillion
I bet when I said converted dairy barn you weren't expecting something this beautiful!

I know a majority of the people who come to the Palouse come to Moscow and Pullman for school, and they meet the love of their life there. Washington State University recently renovated one of their old dairy barns for an event space. The space is rented out to WSU students and WSU Alumni for peanuts. It's a hidden gem right on campus, easy for caterers to get to, and easy for your guests and other alumni friends to find!

a bride and groom kiss at he Pullman washington wedding venue the ensminger pavillion
When your guests get in a circle around you and pop confetti

Tables and chairs are included in your rental here as well, and the Eningmer Pavillion hugs a garden in the back that's a perfect size to steal away to with your new partner, or hang out with your bridal party! Do I really have to say much else, if you love WSU and want a venue to showcase everything you love about it, this is it! GO COUGS!

a bride and groom under an archway at he Pullman washington wedding venue the ensminger pavillion
Did I mention there's a garden right outside?

Do you have any other favorite venues on the Palouse that we missed? Are you a new venue who still needs some awesome pictures to show off your space! Get in touch, we'd love to hear from you!

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