Marika + Tony / Lindsay Creek Vineyards Wedding / Lewiston Wedding Photographer

When you boat down the river running through Hell's Canyon, and the wind sprays the water on your face, and you see a Rocky Mountain Ram in the distance, it's easy fall in love. From a distance, the canyon walls look shabby and brown, perhaps even dull, but once you're going down the river, sipping Redds and Pabst Blue Ribbon, it's not long before you're taken aback by the staggering amount of life and lush greenery within the canyon.

Marika and Tony fell in love working for Idaho Fish and Game, hiking and winding their way through the mountains of Idaho, and Hells Canyon. When we finally came to Garden Creek Ranch, words don't do this place justice. Tony had worked here in the summers, keeping the property safe from wildfires and maintaining it's rough beauty. There's no road that leads here, only a small dock at the far end of the property. The fact that Marika and Tony chose it as the site for their ceremony, speaks so much about them and what they adore in their lives.

Deer wandered in and out throughout the day, and wild turkeys were chasing our golf cart as we rode around the property. I don't think I can describe the magic that is Garden Creek Ranch, so I'll let the photos take you there! After the ceremony, everyone met back at the always amazing Lindsay Creek Vineyards in Lewiston, ID to sip wine and dance the night away.




Venue (Reception): Lindsay Creek Vineyards

Venue(Ceremony): Garden Creek Ranch

Transportation: Snake River Adventures

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