Marika + Tony / Steptoe Butte Engagement / Pullman Wedding Photographer

The thing about thinking you've seen it all, is that the world continues to keep surprising you. Steptoe Butte is about an hour from my house and while I've heard rumors about it here and there, it never piqued my interest enough to visit. Because really, if you've seen the hills of the Palouse from one vantage point, it's pretty much the same from all other vantage points right? No. No, it's not.

Working for Idaho Fish and Game, you're pretty much required to love nature. Marika and Tony (and her dog, Kiera) took the adventure with me to the top of Steptoe Butte for their engagement session, and we were all blown away. It was so nice spending a sunny, gorgeous evening with these two, watching them dance in the flowers with the hills rolling by in the background, and watching Kiera frolic and chasing some surprisingly large crickets. It's easy to see how these two fell in love, because I fell in love with their spirits and sense of humor just in that one afternoon we had together.


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